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The Legend of Specialty Ice Mold

"A drop-dead cool skull ice mold tray for anyone who wishes it was still Halloween, who loves horror movies, or just plain loves their novelty items."

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The Art of Slow Melting

"The skull shape drew customers in for how fun, slightly spooky, and completely effective the mold was."

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11,000 + Sensational 5-Star Reviews

Ice cubes shaped perfectly! Very rarely does a product like this actually turn out like the display in the advertisement. Well done!

Pete's mom

Bought this for a Christmas gift, received it within day and was a big hit!

Elizabeth Mello

Very cool! Easy to make awesome ice cubes looks killer in a glass.


Its easier to use this kit and make four large ice cubes a time than to freeze them all individually. This kit works great four us because I easily made a bunch that are waiting in a box in the freezer...


These turned out great. I have been making a bunch of them for Halloween and but couldn't wait to try one. They are really cool!


These ice cubes were a gift for my dad and they are great! Seller was very responsive.

Mackenzie Macuch

Mackenzie Macuch


Perfect solid ice skulls! Easily make those giant ice cubes for your adult drink with the extra pop of having the ice cubes shaped like skulls. Easy to use.

Chelsea walker

My husband loves his skull craft ice mold!

Dragonfly Dreams

Nothing like a cocktail when you’re “dead” from shoveling for the 10th time in a week. Great product. Easy to use and great detail.

Scott Rumphrey

My kid loves to make red Kool-Aid ice cubes for her Kool-Aid. she’s excited to make jello with these cubes also. Great price for some fun ice cubes.


This was bought as a present. He loved it! Said he had just bought an expensive ice cube maker but was going to replace with this


Me and my friend love skull like images. These are perfect to add some curiosity to any drink when we have a social gathering. Great conversation piece.


This was a great present for a white elephant gift. I have actually bought these twice. They are unique and the receiver always loves them. They are also a great conversation starter!


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