Our Story

From a Summer Inspiration to a Chilling Revolution.

Hello, Guys! My name is Hyunjoo Helton and I am the founder of Shaped.

Our story began one summer morning in 2016, inspired by a small skull figurine on my bedside table. Finding nothing similar on the market, I set out to create the first-ever skull ice mold.

Like many entrepreneurs, I began with limited knowledge. Through research and learning product development, I eventually formed a key partnership with a manufacturer in China.

Months of design, trials, and unwavering dedication finally paid off. The skull ice molds became an instant sensation upon their market release. People loved the concept of adding an artistic chill to their drinks.

Today, our range of specialty ice molds continues to grow, staying true to our mission of combining functionality with artistic expression.

Thank you for being part of our adventure. We're thrilled to see how our molds inspire your creativity!

- Hyunjoo Helton, Founder -